nexts solo shows: Lucas Fabián Olivero || Jaime Sicilia || Ruggiero Rutigliano || Belen Horta || 

Chaussée de Louvain 803, 1140 Evere, BRUSSELS 


Jaime  Sicilia. Gabriel Deans Robert. Belen Horta. Ruggiero Rutigliano (RUX). Cristina Gonzalez. Jesús Chamizo. Justine Govignon. Lucas Fabián Olivero.

Art Advisories:
Valentyna Mala/Emilie Kuczynska-Vigalondo   
Curators: Emilie Kuczynska-Vigalondo/ Desiree Meza-Mesia

We “art” the new international  contemporary art place at Brussels 

It was born in the capital of Europe at one of the most beautiful declared-historical buildings, with an industrial character and refurbished by the iconic architect Bruno Erpicum.
A new concept of gallery, mainly based on the cooperation and integration of all the art actors, international curators, art popularizers, artists, gallerists and art lovers, investors and collectors.
water scenes group show

Past Sumer group show “Water Scenes” 

The group show  “water scenes”, is commissioned by Spanish Desiree Meza-Mesia, director and founder of the gallerist project and Polish Emilie Kuczynska-Vigalondo art project manager from Warsobyart. It traces the process of spiritual harmony, in which the water element is present in different scenes as explicitly as conceptually in the different artistic expressions presented such as painting, photography, sculpture, and pict sculptures.   Virtuosos artists from four countries, Spain, United States of America, Italy and France participate in this existential and sometimes spiritual trip, through the water. The Spanish artists Jaime Sicilia, Marta Romero, Belen Orta and Cristina Gonzalez, the Italian artist Ruggiero Rutigliano - Rux, the French Justine Govignon, the American Gabriel Dean Roberts and show their works under a “discussion at seven”.